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Here Are Ten Things That Will Surprise You Most About The Built Green Custom Home Building Program

1. You’ll Be Surprised By How You Feel When You Get To Live In A Home You Designed

With Built Green Texas you don’t have to move into a house that someone else designed, built, and finished. You get to build the home you want- the first time. When you think about how many people buy a home and move in, just to begin the process of making it our own. Over time, thousands are spent remodeling to change a style or layout that doesn’t fit your preferences. With Built Green Texas, you don’t need to settle for something that is close to what you want. With our program, you get to choose what it will look like, what it will be made of, how the layout will work, and so on – you are in complete control. You don’t have to settle. You get to save money and renovation headaches by doing things just as you want the first time. Get your home- your way.

2. You Discover What A Custom Home Truly Is (Typical “Custom” Home Builders Don’t Really Offer Custom Homes)

If you have ever had a custom home built for you by a general contractor, you know that “custom” rarely means that you get a truly exclusive home build. Instead, you typically get your choice of a pre-set series of options. Try and make a change that is not included in their existing program plans and you get hit with punishing work order fees. Want something unconventional like a window in your master closet, a full mudroom, or a pet bath in the laundry room? Save money by adding it now. You have the ability to make the choices you want even when it comes to little things. With Built Green Texas you won’t just like your new home, love it because it’s exactly what you want.

3. You’ll Be Amazed By The Quality You Can Get For Your Money

Typical home builders make their profit margins by using low grade building materials. In less than 10 years most builder-grade materials start falling apart. Doors come unhinged, window latches break, and flooring wears out. Then, you have to spend more money to replace those items that you didn’t want in the first place.

If you build a home through a “custom” home builder and choose to upgrade anything, they’ll mark it up to 4X or more their actual cost. When you build using the Built Green Custom Homes’ program, you save by using the materials you want the first time. You don’t get penalized for choosing your first-choice materials. By assuring top quality materials and construction methods are used the first time you won’t have to spend money replacing cheap materials later.

4. You’ll Love The Option To Have Control And Make Changes When You Want To

With Built Green Texas, you don’t have to go and ask your custom home builder if it would be okay to make changes. You’re in control; you decide what will happen. You have the control to make changes. If you see something you don’t like once building has begun, or dislike the look of something, then you make a change right then – before all the finish work is done and changes become costly. Add a pocket door for more space, make the kitchen cozier with an archway, add an outlet right where you want your sound system.

5. You Get Your Own Layout And Design – You Don’t Have To Choose From Existing Home Plans

Want a home plan not common to the market? With Built Green Texas, that’s not only available – that’s normal. Add a separate suite for an aging parent with a garage. If you work from home, you can add a separate entry to consult with clients in your home office without disrupting your family. Want an extra-large walk-in closet, a sunroom, or a deluxe library? The options are endless.

6. You’ll Be Amazed By The Options And Freedom That Comes With Choosing Your Own Windows

Typical home builders really skimp out on the cost by adding cheap windows. With Built Green Texas you can add windows, and have them made specifically for your home, to your preferences and tastes. You’ll also be surprised to learn that while windows are one of the least expensive upgrades to your custom home, yet they have a tremendous impact on your quality of life. With just a little additional cost, you can get creative and bring the sunshine in to focus and brighten architectural highlights and cheer up a room.

7. You’ll Love How Fun It Is to Decorate Exactly As You Want Your Home To Be The First Time

When you build with Built Green Texas, you’ll suddenly realize possibilities you didn’t know were options before. Do you know that the walls and ceilings of most new homes are painted with only one color of completely flat, low-grade paint? This is because flat paint is cheap and covers easily. The problem is it also chips and shows marks easily. Before your painters even leave the home, they will have had to touch up their new paint job countless times. Repainting a home is much more costly than using the right sheen and color the first time. Paint rooms the color you want, with the finish you want, and have it done before you move in. Have you noticed how open white ceilings make a home look or how distinctive a dark ceiling can be? What about flooring options: do you want reclaimed barnwood floors, or hickory, cherry, or bamboo? These touches are all in your control.

8. You’ll Be Thrilled with Energy Savings

With a name like Built Green Texas you probably already know we are experts in building energy efficient, economically sound homes. We are all about saving energy, and can provide the knowledge and insights you’ll need to make sure your home has a low operating cost throughout its lifetime. You don’t have to settle for the cheap, low-grade insulation that home builders typically use, or the material that is slightly more up front, but far more efficient in the long term? What about water quality? A water purification system is simple to add to a new build. Do you know how little it costs to add double or triple window panes or UV glass? You’d be surprised how little builders save by scrimping on these things, and how those savings cost you hundreds in the day to day function of your home. Bottom line: we help you save by using energy efficient materials.

9. We’re Not Going to Say Building Custom Homes Is Easy, But You’ll Be Surprised By How Easy We Can Make It For You

With so many options it might seem overwhelming, but that’s where the expert experience of Built Green Texas comes in. If you can read and follow directions, you can build a beautiful, truly custom home that is all your own. Your location, Your design and floor plan. Your preferred materials and finish. It’s all your own. Many of our clients have even said that while it takes effort, building a custom home is actually easy! We help people from all walks of life build hundreds of completely different homes for an infinite number of preferences and needs. We are good and know our stuff so you don’t have to. If you have the desire, with our help, you we can make it a reality.

10. You CAN afford It!

You set your budget, and you invest what you want to invest. Almost without exception, our clients end up with more equity value in their homes than they would if they had simply purchased an existing home or hired a home builder. Although surface costs often appear higher than track homes, you are investing in quality materials, energy savings and the space you want so there are fewer costs in the future. You allocate your budget as you want to, and we’ll help you make key budgeting decisions and answer any questions you might have along the way. Whatever your budget, you’ll get more home for your dollar with the Built Green Texas system!/p>

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