Demonstration – Fireplaces and Outdoor Living

/Demonstration – Fireplaces and Outdoor Living

Demonstration – Fireplaces and Outdoor Living

Fireplaces, even in Texas, continue to be very popular. The idea of a warm, crackling fire on a cold day gives most of us a great deal of pleasure. What are your choices? Gas or Wood burning? How does this affect energy efficiency?

Outdoor living space is increasing in popularity. Imagine enjoying your favorite BBQ and your backyard with family and friends. What are the basics of summer kitchens? What type of grill should I install? What about smokers? Outdoor refrigerators? What do summer kitchens cost? Where do I get ideas?

Cozy Outdoor Escapes has all the equipment for fireplaces and the summer kitchen for your new home.


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Chris Harrison of Cozy Outdoor Escapes will discuss the basics of both fireplaces and planning your outdoor living area, and review the types of equipment available. A showroom tour so you can see and touch the equipment is also planned.

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