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Construction Excavation Tour Canyon Lake

Tom and Beverly White are beginning construction of their new home at Canyon Lake. This is a very difficult building site which fronts on the lake. The first phase is excavation for the basement, and building of the site for the septic lines on a very steep hill. Excavation is ongoing, so you will have the opportunity to see how professional contractors break through solid rock to form a basement. 

The Hill Country of Central Texas offers many building sites with slopes, and excavation (cut and fill) is commonly done. Tom and Beverly are graciously opening their home site to BGCH clients and future clients for a tour and discussion. It's a great time to talk directly to successful owner builders and see what makes a BGCH home more energy efficient. Bring your questions.

This is a tour, not an open house. The tour starts at 10 am and should conclude by noon. There will be extensive Q&A sessions.This will be a walking tour. If you need to sit down, please bring a chair. 

Yes, we know  that it's 56 miles from downtown Austin and 46 miles from downtown San Antonio but this is a one time opportunity to see a basement excavation for a beautiful new owner built home and talk directly to the owner builders.  Here is the beginning of a new home you can see in person, designed and built by owners who are very involved in managing the project. 

This is a construction site, and is not appropriate for children. Please wear clothing suitable for a construction site. All attendees will be required to sign a release. 

RSVP now to receive address and map by completing the form below. The address will only be sent to those who RSVP. Address and Map will be sent out  Friday. RSVP by no later than Saturday 8 am so you don't miss this opportunity. 

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