How To Decide

How do you select a team or partner to work with?

Print this decision matrix. Call at least two other companies and compare us with them.

How do you choose between good, better or best?

Knowledge is the answer. We would not recommend a good/better or best product unless it was going to give you what you want. We make no money on what you select to put in your home. Therefore we can give you honest answers. You will get the good/better/best discussion along with our recommendation in every Builder University Class you attend.

Where are the best unbiased sources for information?

Please check us out. Trust but verify. We will give you sources for all of our information. With access to the internet this is an easy task to verify. We will share with you in each Builder University class what we are basing our recommendations upon. REMEMBER WE DO NOT MAKE A PENNY OFF OF THE CHOICES YOU SELECT FOR WHAT GOES IN YOUR HOME. WE DO HOWEVER, EARN YOUR TRUST AS WE GIVE YOU THE VERY BEST IN GUIDANCE, RECOMMENDATIONS AND INFORMATION.

How do I determine ROI?

Initial extra cost ÷ savings per month/year = x. X should be less than or equal to the number of years the item is expected to last. Example: A heat pump water heater costs $600.00 more to buy. It can save you $20.00 a month and the heat pump water heater is expected to last 13 years. The math is $600.00 ÷ $20.00 = 30 months you will earn the extra money back and you still have (120 months x $20.00 a month = $2400 dollars saving for investing the extra $600.00 for the heat pump water heater. In addition, if it is installed inside the building envelope, you can take advantage of dehumidification and one half ton of free air conditioning. In this case it seems like a no brainer. And that is TRUE!

How do I choose the best bid for my project?

Good/better/best .Choices, choices, choices. Because our subcontractors are all bidding to the same specification, about 99% of the time our clients take the lowest bid. This system means great savings for you and we have happy customers because the bid was stated correctly (knowledge counts here) and has included what you want and need.

Thinking About a New Home? Here Are Your Options

Buy an existing home

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

Buy new from a builder

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

Hire to build on your own land

  • Check YesSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

You Build on your own land

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

""With the many opportunities for saving money, having equity in our house, having the green features we wanted, upgrading where we wanted to (my wife is a devotee of HGTV) and total control of the project I was very interested in working with Build Green Custom Homes to build our dream home. My big questions were could we do this from a time and skills perspectives? Attending Builders University and having both the Built Green Team and their written system to answer all my questions."

–Michael and Carol Sullivan

"My highest electric bill for my 2155 square foot home was $53. It's an extremely comfortable home. I "educated" the electric company guy on energy recovery systems. When he looked at the past history of bills, he thought I had moved into a small shed on my place. He just couldn't get over the size of the house."

–Bea Kinney

"I am most impressed about the energy efficiency. Summer and winter, my highest bill is $90, but the average is about $65 with the lowest being $35. My home in California could easily cost $400/month to heat or cool. Thanks for helping this all happen."

–Lloyd Serra

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