What does it cost to build a house?

So you want to build a new house, but can you afford it? To figure out what your budget needs to be to build your dream home, there are several steps you can take.

Guesstimate the cost based on new homes in your area

Look at newly constructed homes in your area that are similar in size, square footage, quality, and style to what you would want to build. Deduct the cost of the land and get a general price per square foot number you are comfortable with. Then you can add or subtract square footage as needed to meet your budget.

Contact Built Green Texas

Built Green Texas works in your area helping owner builders build homes for less every day. Whether your dream home is cozy or expansive, one story or two, Built Green Texas can compile the costs to get the home you want. Already own the land or do you need to buy? Is your land site-ready or does it need leveling and extensive dirt work?

See how much home you qualify for

Chances are you will need a construction loan for building and even a loan to buy the property. It’s not too early to see what size construction loan you would qualify for. This will help solidify your budget and figure out how much how you can afford to build.

Expect to add cost for special features

Want vaulted ceilings? Add to the budget. Want all 3000 square feet to be on one floor instead of two? Add more budget to roof and foundation (it will be almost double the size of a two story). Plumbing and ventilation are also more compact in a two story home than a 1 story. It costs more to build a small home per square foot than a large home. That’s because the cost of that super fancy stovetop the famous chef uses can be spread out across more square footage if the home is larger.

Add in and plan for hidden expenses

It’s great to dream, but make sure you are building your dream home for keeps, not to sell because you overspent and cannot afford it. Hidden expenses are things like appliances, window treatments, furniture, landscaping costs. Also factor in higher utility bills if you are building larger than you are used to (though planning for these and using energy efficient building practices like Built Green Texas recommends can help with these). Site preparation can add thousands if you find your new dream home lot is not ready for construction. It’s best to have a professional check out the lot and assess site prep fees before you finalize your budget.

Built Green Texas offers free site consultations to answer questions and estimate site expenses, free cost estimates, and free design consultation. We strongly recommend bringing in Built Green Texas during the site and design phases to make sure you don’t design more house than you can afford (or want to afford).


Once you get a good grasp of the basic cost for your house, then you can start with the upgrades. Vaulted ceilings, yes. Stainless steel kitchen appliances, yes. Dream home features, yes, yes, yes. Having a good partner in building to guide you in decision making will help you save money where you can without sacrificing quality so you can spend on the upgrades you really want (like that fireplace you saw at the home show that would look amazing in your bedroom). 

Thinking About a New Home? Here Are Your Options

Buy an existing home

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

Buy new from a builder

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

Hire to build on your own land

  • Check YesSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

You Build on your own land

  • Check NoSaves on Land
  • Check NoSaves You Money
  • Check NoLeast Expensive
  • Check NoBest Savings

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

"I am most impressed about the energy efficiency. Summer and winter, my highest bill is $90, but the average is about $65 with the lowest being $35. My home in California could easily cost $400/month to heat or cool. Thanks for helping this all happen."

–Lloyd Serra

""With the many opportunities for saving money, having equity in our house, having the green features we wanted, upgrading where we wanted to (my wife is a devotee of HGTV) and total control of the project I was very interested in working with Build Green Custom Homes to build our dream home. My big questions were could we do this from a time and skills perspectives? Attending Builders University and having both the Built Green Team and their written system to answer all my questions."

–Michael and Carol Sullivan

"My highest electric bill for my 2155 square foot home was $53. It's an extremely comfortable home. I "educated" the electric company guy on energy recovery systems. When he looked at the past history of bills, he thought I had moved into a small shed on my place. He just couldn't get over the size of the house."

–Bea Kinney

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